About the Maker & Bare Mountain

Hello! My name is Jody, I am a scientist with the heart of an artist. This company is a labour of love, one that has developed and evolved over years of tinkering with bath and body products for myself & my family. It's also a fun and productive way to get some use out of my Science degree from Queen's University (who knew right !)

As someone with sensitive skin who has multiple family members with things like eczema and psoriasis, I was highly motivated to find solutions to our skin care problems. We all want luxurious products that work and don't cost the moon, that is where Bare Mountain was born.


Its been a long road developing our products as we strive to use the best ingredients while ensuring high purity, reasonable price, effectiveness, safety, and low environmental impact. And after years of testing, trails and triumphs we are proud to provide the products you find here. I hope that those of you who choose to buy our products enjoy them and find them as Beautifully Useful as we do!

Being a business owner has allowed me to work around my physical disabilities and set my own pace on days where pain or fatigue are too much. It is my loyal customers that help make all of this possible!

Thank you for supporting small businesses like Bare Mountain, which give people with disabilities an added sense of accomplishment and purpose.