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  • Rice Protein ( INCI: Hydrolyzed Rice )
    Hydrolyzed rice protein has a reputation for improving the volume, hydration, lustre, elasticity, and softness of hair. It improves the moisture barrier of the skin and boosts moisture in skin care products.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal ( INCI: Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour )
    Colloidal oatmeal acts as a barrier against the skin to providing hydrating characteristics in scrubs, soaps, and face masks. Oatmeal granules that have been moistened stick to the skin's surface and create a barrier that draws moisture and lessens friction. To relieve itching, colloidal oatmeal has long been recommended in bath therapies.
  • Oat Protein ( INCI: Hydrolyzed Oats )
    This hydrating mixture of hydrolyzed oat protein produced from vegetables helps the skin absorb and hold onto moisture while also giving the hair softness, manageability, and texture. After drying, this moisturiser will leave the skin feeling smooth as velvet and pleasant to the touch.
  • Bentonite Clay ( INCI: Bentonite )
    is a soft clay that turns into a thick paste when combined with water (but can be dispersed in oil too). This clay works especially well on oily skin thanks to its exceptional oil-absorbing abilities. This clay works to it nourishes skin and hair by regulating oil production, eliminating dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and battling bacteria. Many minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, and potassium, are known to be abundant in bentonite clay.
  • French Green Clay ( INCI: Illite )
    French Green Clay absorbs and removed impurities from the skin and stimulates blood flow. Unlike Pastel Pink Clay, when used as a mask French Green Clay will tighten and firm the skin, as well as tighten the pores
  • Rhassoul Clay aka Morrocan Clay ( INCI: Moroccan Lava Clay / Moroccan Stevensite)
    It is a fine clay from Morocco that has been utilised in natural skin care products for ages. It is often suggested for more delicate or mature skin types because it is considerably milder than many other clays and will still absorb oils from the skin. . According to studies, it is said to increase skin elasticity and clarity of skin, while reducing dryness and flakiness. Compared to other clays, it has a higher concentration of silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Rhassoul has strong absorption abilities, but it also benefits dry and sensitive skin.
  • Do You do Bulk or Wholesale?
    Yes we can offer bulk or wholesale orders given adequate time. These orders are negotiated and payment, shipping, time line etc terms will be agreed upon by both parties. We do custom order for birthdays, retirement, bridal & baby showers, bachelor/bacheloreete parties, weddings, businesses, swag bags and so much more. The more notice we have for large orders the better, depending on the product (such as our handmade cold process soap, lip balm, lotions, bath bombs, ubble bombs and more) requested and the quantity, a manufacturing and packaging time can require anything from 1-2weeks to up to 6-10week plus time for shipping of ingredients to our facility and shipping of final product to you.
  • Order Cancellation And Changes
    We do not accept order cancellations or changes once an order has been processed. If you have a question about your order, please contact us through the website or at
  • What happen if an Item I have ordered is out of Stock?
    Firstly, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause! Unfortunately, error do happen and in the event that the system count is wrong, and an item you have ordered is actually Out of Stock, we will first, pause the processing of your order. Secondly, we will contact you to discuss how you would like the order handled which could include (but is not limited to) item substitution or refund of the price paid for the out-of-stock item.
  • General Shipping Policy
    SHIPPING POLICY ​ Our products are handcrafted and packaged on site. We strive to ship within 2-5 business days whenever possible, however during high volume times this may increase to 5-8 business days. We carefully package your order and arrange for it to ship out as soon as possible. ​ Purchases will be shipped via the cheapest option, often via Sendle or Canada Post from our Kawartha Lakes location. Unless the customer has selected and paid for a faster shipping option. We reserve the right to ship by whatever method will get your order to you quickest at the time of shipping even if this means using an alternative shipping carrier to that selected. In the event that you require a specific carrier, please select it and make a note on the order that you are requesting that delivery carrier specifically ​ You can expect your purchase to arrive within 2-14 business days from pick up at our facility depending on your location and courier shipping load. Shipping costs are based on the total weight of your order and the current rate of shipping via Canada Post or other courier (eg. UPS, Fedex etc) ​ PLEASE NOTE : We ship to PO Boxes, however Canada Post is the only shipping option available when shipping to a PO BOX address. Orders that select an alternate shipping option may be paused or cancelled if the shipping fees paid are insufficient to cover Canada Post shipping costs. We will attempt to contact the buyer via email if it is necessary to amend shipping charges.
  • About Return and Exchanges
    Returns ​ We strive for all our products to be Beautifully Useful. If you have any issues or questions about our products please reach out to us! We are happy to help and will quickly resolve any issues you may have. ​ PRODUCT RETURNS/EXCHANGE ​ Due to the personal and consumable nature of our products we do not accept item returns or exchanges at this time, however, we do provide replacement, store credit or refunds as the situation warrants. We will happily replace, credit or refund the purchase of items that are defective. All you need to do is send a picture of the defect to us and we may require the items be returned for inspection/testing to aid us in improving the quality of our products or packaging depending on the issue. In such cases a shipping label will be provided and paid for, by Bare Mountain. ​ Please note that items are handcrafted and as such it is reasonable to expect slight differences in colour, weight, scent etc from one item or batch to the next. Personal preferences about scent or colour do not qualify an item as defective. Superficial damage to product packaging that does not compromise the integrity of the product itself are also not considered to be defective for the purposes of return/refund. ​ Please contact us by email at and send your item to: 9 Hilltop Court, Kawartha Lakes, ON K0L2W0 You can also contact us through the website via the contact form or chat interface.
  • Chemical Free?
    I see this term a lot in the beauty industry and elsewhere. It's a rather misleading statement when a company says their product is "Free of Chemicals". Everything we see, taste, touch and smell is a chemical, including everything about our own bodies. Now I know people are most likely thinking about chemicals that they consider to be harmful when they hear or use this term but it's another term that isn't really regulated. As a result, it often becomes something used as a fear mongering, advertising tactic more than anything. Our products contain chemicals, including preservatives where necessary. We research our ingredients and only use those deemed safe by Health Canada and always within the safe usage guidelines. We strive to use ingredients that are gentle, environmentally conscious and effective. This does not guarantee that every product will work for someone or their skin/hair type. We all know that each individual has different reactions and needs. Having a sensitivity to a product doesn't mean it was made with unsafe ingredients, just that is contains something your body doesn't like. I have very sensitive skin and am prone to allergic skin reactions to topical things such as lotions and soaps. It's was a huge part of my journey and the driving force behind my product formulating when I started out doing this as a hobby. I found that usually if I can use it, my whole family can without worry, but there have definitely been exceptions to this rule throughout my children's lives. People can be sensitive or allergic to almost anything, even distilled water, which most of us would consider to be one of the safest chemicals we know. We do our best to use ingredients with low irritation and allergen potential when making our products, but even then, we cannot guarantee the individual outcome. It's an unavoidable risk that we take when buying a new product, we read the label and carefully try it then hope for the best!
  • Natural Soap, Hardwater & Soap Scum"
    Our soaps are based on natural soap which is a from a reaction between lye & oils/fats to create glycerine (a natural humectant) & a sodium or potassium salt which acts as a surfactant with a hydrophobic end (water loving) and hydrophillic end (water hating). These molecules are sensitive to pH & hard water (especially calcium & magnesium).Soap is less effective in hard water because it reacts to form the calcium or magnesium salt of the organic acid of the soap. These salts are insoluble and form white or grayish soap scum, but little to no cleansing lather. Detergents, on the other hand, lather in both hard and soft water however their performance can also be effected but to a lesser degree versus natural soap. As a result we add sodium citrate to our soaps to help reduce soap scum formation & improve soap performance in hard water, however, if you have very hard water it will not be completely prevented and can leave a film on skin, tub or sink surfaces. How to determine if you have hard water - see here For some soap scum removal tips see this link, How to make Ugly soap scum disappear
  • Are Your products Natural?
    From a scientific sand point, my opinion would have to be, No and before you panic, hear me out! I cannot go out and pick soap off a tree since it is not an item that occurs in nature. The term 'Natural" is not a term that has a set definition or guideline for its use in the cosmetic industry. Why you ask? It really comes down to this: An apple is natural, but what about apple sauce? It was made from an apple, but it has been altered, things may or may not have been removed, added etc. Is it still natural? In my opinion, No. It was made from or derived from, something natural, but is no longer natural in its current form. However, what if you did decide that it was indeed natural. How much can you alter, add, remove or change the apple before it's not natural anymore? Currently, there is no standard answer, because there has been no agreement or guideline formed to outline what can be done to something that occurs naturally before it's no longer considered to be natural. As such, I stand by the idea that if it cannot be found in nature in the state being talked about, it's not natural. As a result, even if I use natural ingredients, the moment I combine them they are potentially no longer natural because I have made something new depending on the process involved and even without a chemical reaction you could still argue it's still no longer natural. I realize that this is a very simplified answer for a rather complex issue where there are many nuances. This doesn't take into account all of those but for the purposes relevant here I believe this is as in depth as we need to go.
  • Do Your Products Contain Preservatives?
    Our products have preservatives where necessary to protect the integrity and quality of the product while keeping it in a condition that is safe for use. Our bar soaps and clay masks do not contain preservatives, however, things that contain water as part of their ingredients, such as liquid soap or lotions, will have a preservative to prevent the possible grown of bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi. Although some of these can be obvious in a product, some are not and cause little to no change in the product appearance and smell even when they are present at levels that would make them a concern for use. This is why a preservative is needed, it not only expends the shelf life, but it also makes the product safe to use during that time under the reasonable usage and storage conditions expected for the product.
  • Where do you ship?
    Currently we ship across Canada through our website. If you live elsewhere you can contact us with your order via our contact page and we can do a shipping quote. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.
  • Flat Rate Shipping and Free Shipping Deals
    Free local delivery & Flat Rate Shipping ​ We currently offer a flat shipping option on all domestic Canadian orders. This rate varies by location and estimated order shipping weight. ​ *PLEASE NOTE, that we reserve the right to refuse flat rate shipping on orders which are extremely oversized by either weight or volume, or to remote areas in Canada resulting in excessive shipping costs. IF this happens, we will offer the option of cancelling the order and refunding the payment in full or we can ship the order out if the adjusted shipping amount is paid in full. ​ *Note - wholesale and custom orders do not qualify for flat rate shipping and are given a custom shipping quote based in the size and weight of the order from the available carriers.
  • Do You Ship to PO Boxes?
    YES! We ship to PO Boxes; however, Canada Post is the only shipping option available when shipping to a PO BOX address. Orders that select an alternate shipping option may be paused or cancelled if the shipping fees paid are insufficient to cover Canada Post shipping costs. We will attempt to contact the buyer via email if it is necessary to amend shipping charges. ​ ​
  • My order was damaged during shipping
    Shipping Damage ​ In the event that an item was damaged during shipping please contact us via email and send details and photos of the issue. If the damage was due to poor packaging on our part we will either refund or replace the items in question at our cost. In the case that the damage was due to the shipping courier we will help navigate a claim with the courier company in question and the replacement/refund of the items affected. Please contact us by email at and send your item to: 9 Hilltop Court, Kawartha Lakes, ON K0L2W0 You can also contact us through the website via the contact form or chat interface.
  • How do I redeem points?
    Through your Bare Mountain Account you can access your loyalty points and redeem your earned points for fixed dollar coupons off future orders ​ When Redeeming Customers earn $1.00 CAD off their entire order for every 100 points redeemed Applies to orders of any amount Customers can redeem up to a maximum of 2,000 points at a time (for max $20 off) a single order Discount codes will have prefix "PTS-"
  • How do I earn points?
    Actions - ways to earn loyalty points Share on Facebook 50 Points ​ Celebrate a birthday 200 Points ​ Follow on Instagram 50 Points ​ Like on Facebook 50 Points ​ Place an order 5 Points for every $1 spent ​
  • Do I have to have an account?
    No, you dont have to have an account to earn and redeem points. The system tracks your point through the email address provided when checking out. It will use a secure link sent to the email you provided to the Loyalty Perks to verify you have access to the email used to earn points. Once that is done you will be able to see points earned by this email and redeem points if applicable. Having a Bare Mountain Account makes tracking purchases and subscriptions easier. You also are automatically logged into the point system.
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