Botanical Clay Mask

Botanical Clay Mask

A blend of clays to sooth, exfoliate detoxify and balance skin with the support of botanical extracts. Soothes dryness, balance oils, calms redness and irritation while reducing the appearance of fine lines and large pores. This mask is a powerhouse of skin loving ingredients.


A little of this dry mask goes a long way. Each bag has 35g of mask powder, you only need 1 level tbsp (approx 8g) to do a full mask, so each bag has approx 4 masks ready to use whenever you like.


Depending on your skin type and sensitivity you can use the mask 1-2X per week. You can add water or get creative and use things like, plain yogurt, aloe juice or gel, honey, milk, or a botanical hydrosol such as chamomile, witch Hazel, lavender or rose to further tailor your skin mask to your skins needs.



step 1) Measure 1 level tbsp of dry mask into glass, wood or plastic bowl (NO metal bowls or utensiles, it will negate the detoxing benefits of the clay), add 1/2 tbsp of water (or liquid of your choosing) mix well and set aside to thicken and fully hydrate (you can add more liquid if too thick).

2) Before applying mask, cleanse face of any makeup, dirt oils etc. For best results exfoliate skin lightly, then steam skin soften skin and relax pores ( this can be done with a comfortably hot towel or by steaming face in shower, over a steaming bowl of water or facial steamer).


3) Apply mask with fingers or brush.

4) Now relax and wait 5-10 minutes until mask starts to dry at edges and becomes sticky to the touch. Do not let mask dry completely, this can cause irritation & dryness.

5)Using lukewarm water and a soft cloth , remove mask using a gentle circular motion.Rinse skin with cool water. Pat gently dry.

If skin feels tight or dry, gently apply a light moisturier suitable for your skin type. 


It is not unusual for skin to lightly tingle during a mask or for skin to be slightly red after a mask is removed, your complection should return to normal within 30 minutes. However, If you experience pain, excessive redness or rash, please discontinue use.


Note: Masks are best done before bed or at a time where you will not be putting on make up or working up a sweat for at least an hour after. This allows the pores to relax and close.



Kaolin, Moroccan Lava (Rhassual) Clay, Sea Silt, Bentonite, Montmorillonite (french green clay), Arctium lappa (burdock)/extract, olea europaea (olive) extract, Salvia Hispanica L. (chia) extract, Carica Papaya extract


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