Conditioner Bar with Silk & Rice Protein (lemongrass scent)
  • Conditioner Bar with Silk & Rice Protein (lemongrass scent)

    Please note that we have switched the shape of our conditioner bars to Square, making it easier to distinguish from the Shampoo bars in the shower!
    50g solid conditioner bar without the bulk of the bottle!
    Lasts for approximate 80 washes (almost 3 months of daily use!)
    And also works great as a shaving lotion too!
    Perfect for reducing plastics and increasing space in your shower, luggage and gym bag! These compact conditioning bars strengthens, smooths and softens hair while making it shiny and silky. Combing your locks is a breeze both wet and dry with one of our conditioners on the job!
    Conditioner Bar with Silk & Rice Protein is an Oil free light conditioning for people with normal to oily hair with some damage/dryness or tendency to really tangle. Adds natural shine, volume and highlights to the hair. By increasing the ability of the hair & skin to bind moisture, it leads to increased flexibility, strength & manageability
    Lemongrass fragrance - note: silk protein has a natural smoky herbal scent that blends with the fragrance)
    Massage bar in hands to start mixing it with the water, massage bar directly on hair & using hands rub ends of hair against bar, re-wetting bar periodically. Once hair is feeling coated use fingers to massage conditioner through hair down to scalp and out to the ends. Rinse Note: Can be used as a shaving lotion or dry skin conditioner too!