Fragrance Mist with Odour Neutralizer
  • Fragrance Mist with Odour Neutralizer

    A 80ml Bottle of Fragrance mist in your favourite scent! This useful spray contains  a naturally renewable odor neutralizer (Zinc ricinoleate) that traps & absorbs odors. Is not a masking agent. Zinc ricinoleate a zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, derived from zinc and a purified fatty acid from castor seed.
    This spray is ready to be scent-sational whether its on your body or clothes, or just all over your space! From pillows, towels, or in bathrooms & cars. You can even use for a fabric refresher for clothing and soft furnishing like sofa, curtains & carpets. Not for use on leather or wood (finished or unfinished). Safe on virtually all water safe fabrics. On fabrics which may water spot (such as rayon and silk), test a small area of fabric which cannot be seen
    Not for use on Pets.
    Caution: Keep out of reach of pets and children. 
    DO NOT SWALLOW - FLAMMABLE : contains denatured ethyl alcohol.
    EYE IRRITANT - If contact occurs with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water
    Ingredients: aqua, denatured Ethyl alcohol, peg40/hydrogenated castor oil,  parfum, Zinc ricinoleate, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate
      Scent 1