Oatmeal & Spice Bastille

Oatmeal & Spice Bastille

This Bastille soap contains skin soothing colloidal oatmeal in addition to the aloe and coconut milk. It has a warm homey scent with oatmeal, cinnamon & nutmeg with a subtle hint of honey, almond, and sugar. As this particular soap cures it darkens due to vanillin in the fragrance so colour of this soap will darken slightly over time.

Handcrafted in small batches using quality olive, coconut & castor oils. Our bastille recipe contains over 70% Olive oil resulting in a super mild bar of soap! We add kaolin clay, aloe juice and coconut milk powder to help provide an even more luxurious, silky lather perfect for removing dirt while being gentle on skin. Bastille soap makes a great hand or body clansing bar and an excellent shaving soap too! Its silky, slipper lather makes for great razor slip resulting in reduced pull on skin and hair.


Our soaps are handcrafted so the pour, design and cut of each bar is unique in both size and appearance. Each bar is at least 115g aka 4.0 oz in weight (unless otherwise labeled, IE miscuts etc). To maximize the life of your soap bar allow it to dry in a well-drained spot between uses. We recommend the use of a good soap dish that allows for proper drainage and air circulation around the bar.

  • ngredients :Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium Castorate, parfum,, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,  Sodium Citrate, Sodium Sodium lactate, Avena sativa (oat) Flour, Kaolin, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Fruit Powder,

    may contain colourants

    CI(15850, 16035, 42090, 45100, 45380, 47005, 59075, 60730, 74260, 77007, 77019, 77491, 77492, 77499, 77742, 77891)